Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen Song Videos

  • Unos Ng Buhay (Storm of Life)- by Tatos ta mga Kagayanen

  • "Sa Iyo Tubbataha- Live"-Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen

  • Ibong Dagat (Red-Footed Booby)- Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen

  • Kagayanen Bible- The Word of God

  • PAPURIHAN (We Must Praise You )-by Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen

Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen

The word “Tatos” derived from a Kagayanen cultural name for a “Robber Crab” which could be found in the Islands of Cagayancillo. The Cultural band, Tatos Ta Mga Kagayanen derived it’s name to the said crab because of the unique and exotic taste of the crab and also because of it’s unique strength. The crab portrays the unique language, culture and strength of the Kagayanen people, whose ethnocenter is the municipality of Cagayancillo of the province of Palawan, Philippines.

The members of the band were all born from Cagayancillo, Palawan. This group was professionals and the purpose of the group’s creation and existence is to preserve and advocate its Kagayanen culture, heritage, environment and language. This group also promotes the use of the Kagayanen language and the Kagayanen Bible.

The Members:

Pastor Jehu P. Cayaon, Engr. Sergio S. Tapalla, Vice Mayor Jotham S. Tapalla, Jun S. Tapalla,

Jerry S. Carceler, Dodoy Trinidad, Pops Espinosa, Pepsi Espinosa